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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Goat Tails - The Sequel

How many neighbors does it take to pen a goat?  More than anybody on Orchard Ridge Trail wants to admit.  Oddly, the electric fence still was not working properly and our precious little mama goat continued to get out.  My neighbor up the street was very worried that she would make her way up to his wife’s flower garden.  They have invested in a flower bed that is the size of a city block.  Irresistible plants reside there providing an endless buffet for any goat.  Recently all three goats secretly followed Greg up the hill to their house and found wonderful treasures there.  Mr. J decided that immediate action was called for before their garden looked like it had been hit by a whirlwind.

Mr. J drove his little golf cart to the goat pen daily to make sure Little One was in her pen and then made multiple trips to Tractor Supply to get necessary supplies to ensure the pen was properly electrified.  Our next door neighbor, just stopping by for a visit, got in on the festivities ultimately touching the fence to test it and got shocked.  He’s bald now.  Well, he was bald anyway.

Ten replacement plants, $300 in golf cart fuel, and a $100 investment in a larger controller was installed and electricity was flowing properly through the wires.  A tester was applied and it lit up like a Christmas tree.  Finally our neighborhood was satisfied that we had successfully contained little mama goat.  We celebrated with flags and a parade, complete with a motorcycle ride to help cover expenses.  (This is normal in our town.)

For the last few days mama goat has been standing on her little hill in the pen and has hardly moved.  We are convinced that the singe marks down her side and pillows of smoke emitting from her fur are evidence that she has been converted.  It was a baptism by fire resulting in regular prayer and a tent meeting scheduled for next week.

We won’t talk about the tattoo now embedded on her neck from the copper wire wrap on her collar.  It spells “gotcha” in four different languages!

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